Do you have stores in France or elsewhere?

We are an online store only, we do not have any physical store.

How long does it take to process the order ?

Except exception, orders are shipped in less than 48h. The majority of orders are even sent within 24 hours.

What are the delivery times ?

A standard shipment usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. Sometimes it happens that a notice of passage is not correctly deposited in the box if you are absent during the delivery. We encourage you to contact your post office to find out if your package is there.

My order has not arrived yet, what's going on?

We ship all orders as quickly as possible, but once the packages are gone delivery times depend solely on the post office and customs. We do not intervene in any way in the transportation and delivery of the goods. </ P>

If the 3 weeks delay is exceeded your first reflex must be to check on your account CHATEAUX EMKER DOMAINE AMAURY that you have indicated a correct delivery address. If you notice an error, specify it at your post office or postman. From our side we can not change the address once we have sent the package. If your address is correct check that your package is not waiting at the post office. It is possible that you have not seen / received the notice of passage of your postman if he came to deliver you in your absence. </ P>

If your package has been lost, stolen or delivered to the wrong address. Unfortunately this happens even if it’s very rare. </ P>

Special cases: </ p>

– If you live in Europe you are more likely to have your package arrive late if you ordered it during or just before the school holidays (especially around Christmas and early summer). </ p>

– If you live in Guadeloupe and your package is late there is a good chance it will be blocked at customs. We can not explain it, but customs in Guadeloupe sometimes take an unusually long time to process parcels that enter the country. </ P>

– If you live in army premises, it is possible that your courier may be picked up by a special carrier other than the post office and this can extend delivery times. </ p>

Some numbers: </ p>

– just under 1% of the packages we ship are returned. On 10 parcels that return about 7 are marked “unclaimed” (usually a problem of notice of passage factor), 2 come back with the words “Does not live at the address indicated” or “Address unknown or not found” the last one has returned for a different or unspecified cause. </ p>

– about 1 pack per thousand disappears during transport. It is of course impossible to know the reasons but you can already avoid the risks of a delivery to the wrong address by telling in advance your postman that you expect a package from abroad. Entering your phone number in the delivery address can also help the mailman / deliveryman find the correct address.